Titanium wedding bands

At Metal Urges we believe your wedding day memories will be symbolized by your wedding bands, therefore we stop at nothing to create rings to your exact specifications, be it practical, fancy, or unique. Your bands represent the bond and commitment you have made to each other, so it’s important for us to work hard to hand craft your perfect rings. Your Metal Urges titanium ring will last a lifetime. They do not rust or tarnish as titanium is resistant to corrosion, including salt, pollution, UV rays or any of the other usual suspects that other jewellery should stay away from.

Metal Urges titanium rings come in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of options for your personalised, custom design. Be it polished or matte, smooth or grooved we can do it all. Titanium is perfect for anyone who has ever suffered from reactions from metal allergies. Also, it is a perfect match for anyone with sensitive skin, as titanium is completely neutral to the human body it causes no skin irritation or discolouration.

There are many myths associated with titanium used in jewellery, we bust all of them. The two main myths are that titanium bands can’t be resized or engraved, many jewellers endorse these myths, however at Metal Urges, our jewellers are adept at working with titanium and are sure to go the extra mile for our customers. We do resize and engrave all Metal Urges titanium bands.

Titanium is becoming a popular choice for wedding bands. In its natural form, it is a metallic grey metal possessing a unique charcoal, smoky grey hue. Titanium boasts one of the strongest weight to strength ratios of known elements, due to this it is also used in space shuttles, airplanes and medical instruments.

Metal Urges works with aviation grade titanium which is one of the strongest and most lightweight of the array of titanium compositions. Its properties, besides incredible strength and lightweight appeal include its resistance to corrosion and hypoallergenic qualities.