Signet Rings

Signet rings are something Metal Urges has been proud to create and offer for almost 20 years.

We have perfected our modern process that results in stunning bold pieces and a fresh take on traditional designs. As with all our pieces, each signet ring is custom designed and created especially for you so no two Metal Urges signet rings are ever the same. We offer numerous options from traditional hand engraved, gemstone set and even meteorite if you need something with more universal charge.

Family Seal Signet Rings

We are highly experienced in working closely with our clients to create the ultimate statement that pays homage to family, friends and loved ones through the incorporation of a family coat of arms or motto within a signet ring.

The size and shape of a signet ring can vary widely depending on style and material with A range of modern and traditional engraving techniques used to create personalise details.

Mourning Signet Rings

Mourning jewellery is designed to commemorate someone personal or special in your life who has is no longer with you We have extensive experience in creating the perfect  signet ring as an ode or in memory of a loved one or pet.

It is common to have names, date of death or a motto engraved on an item and it’s increasingly popular for the ashes or a lock of hair to also be added to the signet ring. The most important part of the process for us is adding the material to the piece and we encourage the heir or recipient of the ring, whether it’s in memory of  a friend, family member or beloved pet, to join us for this ceremonial part in the creation process.

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