Wedding rings are a powerful physical reminder of the special celebration and promises made on your wedding day

All Metal Urges wedding bands are crafted with this symbolism in mind, luxurious, refined and personalised to reflect your special union. Our wedding band design service provides clients with an endless ability to customise the one-of-a-kind piece to suit all tastes and budgets.

We use only the finest materials for each design to ensure  your wedding rings are timeless and durable befitting of a lifetime of wear. Each wedding ring is individually handcrafted to perfection and unique for its owner. We offer further personalisation with ring engraving to complete the wedding ring with the addition of dates, names or messaging. 

We also specialise in fitting wedding rings to engagement rings to complete the perfect ring pair. Adding diamonds and other gemstones for colour and sparkle, texture and colour to create balanced and beautiful ring stacks or sets

Create your perfect wedding ring at Metal Urges

Ladies Wedding Rings

Each of our women’s wedding rings is carefully created for a lifetime’s wear and to complement your engagement ring. We offer an unlimited range of options including pave diamond set, sapphire set and a range of other wonderful and sometimes unusual options.

We listen carefully to your needs and make sure we deliver something that you will cherish and wear with pride the rest of your life.

Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings can differ widely in variety, but are often designed to be wider and heavier than a female wedding band to suit hand size. Brushed and matt finished wedding rings are among the most popular styles for men’s wedding bands, offering sophistication and timeless style.

We listen carefully to what you want and can provide a wide range of options for fitting purposes. Each ring is custom made to order and created just for you with durability and strength in mind. 

On offer is a full range of traditional men’s wedding rings and bands along with some more unusual and unique options such as Mokume Gane and meteorite rings that offer a myriad of customisations  with a diverse range of textures, layout and gemstones. We accept all challenges.

Fitted Wedding rings

If you have a large or unusually shaped engagement ring then we can assist with a wedding ring or band to match fitted wedding ring or band. Fitting wedding bands closely is a complex and specialist skill Metal Urges jewellers are adept at.

A close fit will make your engagement and wedding rings compliment each other and wear well over time together. We accept all challenges when it comes to fitting wedding bands and are happy to work with you for a perfect outcome.

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