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Gemstone type

Parti sapphires also known as bi-colour sapphires are impressive and sought after for their two-tone colours, predominantly made up of yellow and blue to give a spectrum of colours that change under different lights. These colours can be teal in one scenario and a deep ocean blue in another.

Master Jeweller Chris

How we source parti sapphires

Metal Urges mainly sources its parti sapphire range from around Australia but they can also be found in Nigeria, Madagascar and Tanzania. Founder and head jeweller Chris Hood has personally sourced these rough parti crystals in Queensland, NSW and hand-picked others in Sri Lanka and Thailand. 

During his global sapphire sourcing travels he will endeavour to include bi-colour stones among the blue, green and purple gems he collects. 

During these trips, Chris is mindful of working ethically when sourcing parti sapphires. He is committed to leaving every local community a little better off and Metal Urges’ appreciation is demonstrated through donations to education, working closely with locals and injecting funds directly into the local mining communities.

Establishing value

Metal Urges has an exclusive range of parti and bi-colour sapphires in Hobart and goes to great lengths to explain value and rarity to their clients when selecting a stone for a custom piece of jewellery. In general terms, the more intense the two colours (and the fewer distracting zones) the more valuable the bi-colour gemstone is.

Clarity, cut and size are also taken into account when establishing value due to the rarity of parti sapphires.

Parti sapphire symbolism

Like all sapphires, the parti sapphire is a stone of intuition. It is used to bring peace during the meditation process and is also believed to bring prosperity. It is a gemstone that is used for protection due to its strong energy.

Also beneficial for mental clarity, parti sapphires are said to relieve the anxiety and depression often felt when one is lacking clarity. With a clear mind, this sapphire can also improve communication.

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