Diamond Rings

The diamond engagement you choose together with your loved one is likely to be one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Our purpose is to support you in creating a timeless and beautiful ring that symbolises your love, commitment and special occasion. It would be an honour to work with you to create your vision into something perfect and unique. For almost 20 years we have cemented ourselves as Tasmania’s leading diamond, platinum and 18ct gold fine jewellery gallery

Our motivation and drive is to produce the very highest quality handmade jewellery for our clients who come from Hobart, throughout Tasmania and the mainland for our services. Our diamond jewellery boutique is staffed by a professional team of the finest jewellers and goldsmiths catering to lovers of all types of jewellery.

Certified Diamond Engagement Rings

We responsibly source all our white diamonds internationally and specialise in globally certified GIA diamonds. This certification becomes an important element of our final valuation for your insurance purposes.

We believe the material and process are crucial in creating the perfect white diamond engagement rings.

Round White Diamond Engagement Rings

Round white diamonds are the most popular choice for incorporating into an engagement ring. There are several reasons why our clients choose a round white diamond. Firstly the symmetry of a circle means there’s little variance as a round diamond turns, resulting in a fantastic even look no matter what direction you view the diamond from.

A round diamond can also be accurately digitally assessed for cut grade and symmetry, providing confidence in quality and making it far easier to select an amazing stone.

Princess Cut White diamond Engagement Rings

For those who like geometric shapes, square, angular or straight lines will find a  white princess cut diamond satisfies these desires and makes  an excellent choice for a stunning statement or engagement ring.

A stone with perfect symmetry and a beautiful pattern is unique, highly valuable and often a challenge to source. However Metal Urges is an expert in sourcing hard-to-find diamonds for our clients.

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