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Metal Urges’ reputation and passion for sapphires is well known throughout Tasmania and mainland Australia.

We deal with only the best quality natural untreated sapphires, not only in blue but other popular colours such as green. Our vast green sapphire range is filled with vivid and saturated hues, making  this unique and valuable gemstone a perfect option for any occasion, be it engagement or eternity rings, necklace pendants and earrings. Our passion is to create pieces for our customers that will take their breath away.

Green sapphire source countries

Natural and untreated green sapphire is rapidly gaining popularity due to its striking and unique look and unrivaled vivid hues. The main mining areas for green sapphire are Australia, Sri Lanka,Burma, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, USA and China. All Metal Urges  individual green sapphire gems can be identified and traced back to its country of origin.


A most desirable feature

Sapphire belongs to the corundum aluminum oxide mineral group. In its purest form, corundum is colourless, however the majority of these gems  contain chemical impurities known as trace elements.

These ‘impurities’ are highly desirable and without them sapphires would lack such an incredible and diverse range of colours. Green sapphires are created specifically from the presence of iron trace elements.

Master Jeweller Chris

Our ‘do good’ philosophy

Metal Urges founder and master craftsman Chris Hood goes to extreme lengths to  personally source  and hand select every green sapphire in our range. Chris travels to all the corners of the world to find stones that are not only perfect for our clients but are mined from ethical sources.

Chris is passionate about supporting each local community he visits, working closely with the locals to support those from less fortunate areas in particular. Metal Urges regularly donates to schools and education programs, while also contributing to the local economy.   

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