The Metal Urges Team

Chris Hood, FGAA

Chris Hood is the driving force behind Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds. With over two decades of dedicated experience in the jewellery and diamond industry, Chris brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our team.

As the Owner of Metal Urges, Chris not only embodies the artistry and craftsmanship synonymous with our brand but also sets the standard for excellence in the field. His journey began with a profound commitment to honing his skills, leading him to become a fully qualified jeweller, certified gemmologist, diamond setter, diamond grader, and jewellery appraiser.

Chris’s dedication to his craft is further underscored by his recognition as a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA), a testament to his exceptional knowledge and proficiency in gemmology.

Throughout his career, Chris has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. His vision for Metal Urges is rooted in a deep appreciation for the intricacies of jewellery design and a genuine desire to create timeless pieces that resonate with our clientele.

“I travel across Australia and overseas several times a year sourcing stones directly from source areas and mines,” Chris says.

“We do this so we put the money directly in the hands that did the hard work. It also allows us to witness the working conditions first hand and make sure they match up with our own values and ethical standards as far as fair trade is concerned.”

Dan Lenarcic

Dan Lenarcic is our Head Jeweller and brings an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and expertise to Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds. Dan has consistently demonstrated a remarkable dedication to his craft and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Joining our team in 2008, Dan quickly established himself as an integral part of our workshop, infusing his passion for working with the finest materials and his keen eye for detail into every piece he creates. With roots in the jewellery industry dating back to 1987, Dan’s wealth of experience is surpassed only by his genuine love for the art of jewellery making.

At Metal Urges, Dan’s role as Head Jeweller extends far beyond mere craftsmanship. He is the embodiment of our commitment to producing high-end pieces and bespoke jewellery of the utmost quality. With meticulous attention to detail, Dan ensures that each creation, designed and manufactured onsite in our Hobart workshop, exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Dan’s dedication to his craft, combined with his innate creativity and technical skill, is evident in every masterpiece he produces. Whether it’s crafting a custom engagement ring or breathing new life into a cherished piece, Dan approaches each project with a blend of artistry and precision that is truly unparalleled.

Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols is our talented Computer Assisted Design (CAD) specialist, go-to puzzle solver and IT extraordinaire here at Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds. With a career spanning over two decades, Jeff brings a unique blend of technical expertise, creative vision, and problem-solving prowess to our team.

Since becoming a qualified jeweller in 2001, Jeff has continually demonstrated his dedication to excellence in every facet of his work. His journey with Metal Urges has been marked by a commitment to innovation, particularly in the realm of CAD design, where he employs cutting-edge technology to bring our clients’ visions to life.

Jeff’s role extends beyond traditional jewellery design; he serves as our resident puzzle solver, tackling complex challenges with a methodical approach. Whether it’s finding solutions to design problems or troubleshooting IT issues, Jeff’s keen intellect and resourcefulness shine through in every task he undertakes.

In addition to his technical prowess, Jeff possesses a deep passion for jewellery craftsmanship and a keen understanding of our clients’ needs. His ability to seamlessly integrate technology with traditional techniques allows us to deliver bespoke creations of the highest quality, tailored to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Sandi Dishington

Sandi Dishington is a cornerstone of our team at Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds. With a wealth of expertise spanning gemmology, jewellery valuation, and design, Sandi brings a unique blend of skills and vision that enriches our creative process.

As a fully qualified gemologist and jewellery valuer, Sandi is committed to precision and accuracy. Her keen eye for detail and comprehensive understanding of gemstones and jewellery appraisal ensure that every custom created piece is meticulously assessed and valued with the utmost care and professionalism.

Beyond her role as a gemmologist and valuer, Sandi’s talent as a designer shines brightly. Her artistic flair infuses each design with elegance, sophistication, and a touch of individuality. Whether creating bespoke pieces tailored to our clients’ unique tastes or designing new collections that captivate the imagination, Sandi’s creative vision is at the heart of our success.

Jacob Bertoz

Jacob Bertoz is a young jeweller who brings a rich heritage of jewellery craftsmanship to our esteemed team at Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds. Jacob’s journey in the world of jewellery is not only marked by his willingness to learn but also by the legacy of his family’s esteemed tradition in the craft.

Hailing from a family with a deep-rooted jewellery legacy, Jacob’s interest in the artistry of jewellery making was nurtured from a young age. Drawing inspiration from the traditions passed down through generations, Jacob brings a fresh perspective and innovative spirit to our workshop.

Despite his youth, Jacob’s passion shines brightly, evident in the earnest craftsmanship he imbues into every piece that comes across his bench.

Kelly Harley

Kelly Harley is a designer who has been an integral part of our creative team at Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds since 2022. With an infectious passion for natural sapphires and a keen eye for innovative design, Kelly brings enthusiasm and creativity to our workshop.

Kelly’s journey in the world of jewellery design is marked by a deep-seated passion for uncovering the beauty and elegance of natural sapphires. Her love for these precious gemstones is evident in the pieces she designs.

Since joining our team, Kelly has proven herself to be a true artist, infusing each design with a unique blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and a high level of attention to detail. Kelly’s presence in our workshop fosters a culture of collaboration and inspiration.

Matt Carr

Matt Carr is a valued member of our team at Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds. Matt’s calm demeanour and exceptional skills make him an invaluable asset to our workshop. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for repair work, particularly in the realm of necklaces, chains and resizes, Matt embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and dedication to excellence that defines our brand.

Matt’s journey in the jewellery industry has been characterised by a steadfast commitment to his craft and a passion for preserving the beauty and integrity of each piece he touches. His innate knack for repair work is matched only by his ability to face the most intricate challenges.

In our workshop, Matt’s patience resonates, as he meticulously tends to each custom piece and repair with precision and care.

Nigel Harris

Nigel Harris is a seasoned veteran in the world of jewellery crafting, who brings over 30 years of unparalleled experience and expertise to our esteemed team at Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds. Nigel’s wealth of knowledge and dedication to his craft make him a valuable addition to our workshop.

Throughout his illustrious career as a manufacturing jeweller, Nigel has honed his skills with precision and passion, earning a reputation for excellence in every piece he creates. His commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none.

Now, as he joins Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds, Nigel brings with him a vast skill set and a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly enrich our workshop. His presence is not only a testament to our commitment to attracting top talent but also a testament to Nigel’s desire to share his knowledge and mentor the next generation of jewellers.