Diamond Carat Weight

Diamonds are priced, bought and sold on carat weight.

 A one carat diamond weighs exactly 0.20 grams and there are five carats to a gram. The diamond system of carat weight is decimal and always carried out at two decimal places. The two decimal positions are correctly described as points, for example a 0.33ct diamond is described as a thirty three pointer, which simply means 33% of one carat. A ‘magic weight’ is a diamond trade term for an exact carat, a weight that increases the price of the diamond significantly.

The best example of a magic diamond weight is one carat (1.ooct). Diamonds under this carat weight are significantly cheaper than diamonds at or over this diamond carat weight. When it comes to diamonds, The market prizes weight above all else. However  Metal Urges doesn’t encourage the purchasing of diamonds on weight alone as diamond weight does not dictate the beauty of a diamond. Carat weight is only an indication of a diamond’s size, measurement or ‘spread’. 

The cut

A beautifully cut diamond can often be as much as 20% larger visually or by measurement than a lesser cut diamond of the same weight. Metal Urges is Tasmania’s largest supplier of GIA certified diamonds in all weights and sizes. A diamond selected for its beauty rather than its weight makes much more sense, you can’t see a carat weight the same way you can see a truly beautifully cut diamond.