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Alexandrite is one of the rarest and most sought-after collector stones.

Its beauty and unique colour change are a phenomenon and make it universally appealing to those fortunate enough to see a top quality Alexandrite. 

A natural Alexandrite will present as a rich and beautiful blue-green colour when viewed in natural sunlight. When the same stone is viewed in front of a fire or incandescent light it will throw shades of rich purple and red. 

A fine Alexandrite will almost always display a change in colour between daylight to firelight. Named after Russian tsar Alexander II (1818–1881), Alexandrite has always been difficult to source in fine quality due to high demand and extreme rarity. The Metal Urges collection is one of the largest in Australia with between 100 to 200 examples and options at any one time. We also regularly source to order for Alexandrite collectors, investors or those with a unique and specific requirements.

Sourcing Alexandrite

Metal Urges has formed a personal relationship with the small number of miners and gem traders who have access to fine quality colour change Alexandrite. Due to its unique colour change properties, Alexandrite is almost impossible to photograph.

This means travelling to  each supplier is essential and we make it our mission to visit mines on a regular basis to verify and inspect stones in person. Metal Urges only collects the most impressive pieces for our collection, opting for Alexandrites that show a strong blue/green in daylight and rich reds and purples in incandescent fire light.

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