At Metal Urges, we uphold a distinctive process in fine jewellery production. 

Each piece we create stands apart from the last, tailored uniquely for the individual client it is crafted for. This personalised approach brings immense satisfaction to both our clients and the Metal Urges team, though it does raise intriguing questions regarding pricing and budget.

Here are some key points to consider throughout the process:

  • Every piece we craft is one-of-a-kind and priced accordingly based on the associated costs.
  • While many pieces showcased on our website and other online platforms have been sold and are now adorning our delighted clients, we refrain from disclosing prices for these pieces out of respect for their privacy.
  • We maintain transparency in our work and pricing structure, striving to create an environment where you feel at ease asking any questions, including those concerning price.
  • We receive numerous online inquiries about pricing, and we make it a priority to respond promptly and openly. Given the unique nature of our work and its individualised pricing, providing us with an idea of your budget greatly assists us in tailoring our response to your needs and offering information on available stones that may align with your preferences.
  • If you’re not comfortable discussing your budget initially, rest assured, we’re here to collaborate with you until you feel ready and at ease.
  • An exceptional offering exclusively available to our Australian clientele is the ‘COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme’—a program offering interest-free and fee-free loans for 12 months, providing a fantastic opportunity to spread out the cost of your jewellery purchase, whether large or small. Learn more about this scheme and how it can benefit you here.