Diamond Shape

Diamonds come in a diverse and amazing range of styles, shapes and cuts.

At Metal Urges we provide every client valuable information on the possibilities available, allowing them to make an informed decision based on style, desire and budget. Metal Urges carries a wide range of diamond cuts and  can source the more unique and exotic cuts on request.

We are always willing to work with our clients to find the perfect diamond  and are ready for a challenge. If you are unsure of what shape you like we welcome and encourage clients to visit the workshop in person and view our beautiful range of GIA certified diamonds.

Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Cut is the most popular diamond shape, due to their consistency, sparkle and scintillationPrincess Cut diamonds, which are also referred to as Modified Square Brilliant Cut diamonds or Square Cut diamonds are a close second in terms of popularityGenerally, Princess Cut diamonds are slightly more affordable  than Round Brilliant Cut diamonds as the cutting process requires less to be removed from the rough diamond.

Metal Urges gemmologists have noticed that clients whose preference is for more unusual or decoratively-shaped  diamonds—shapes other than round and square—usually have a very distinct and clear idea of the shape they want their diamond to be.


The difference

The difference between Round Brilliant Cut and fancier shaped diamonds is the details on the GIA certificate. Diamonds issued with a  GIA certificate will include detail of the  diamond’s cut grading. A more unusual or fancy  shaped diamond  will not include details of how well cut a diamond is on the GIA certificate. For this reason we urge all clients to inspect the quality of a unique, fancy or unusual shaped diamond before committing to buy.. Metal Urges takes the risk out of selecting a fancy shaped diamond and provides a 100% obligation free viewing of all diamonds no matter what size or shape.