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Rarity of rubies 

Rubies are essentially red sapphires as they possess all the durability, rarity, and physical properties of sapphire, making them perfect for high quality jewellery pieces. Available in a wide range of red to pink tones, ruby is a fantastic choice for an engagement ring or any piece required to mark a lasting happy memory or promise for a lifetime.

Country of origin

Traditionally sourced from Burma (Mayanmar), Sri Lanka and Thailand, fine quality new deposits have recently been unearthed in Mozambique and Madagascar. 

Depth of colours 

Most people imagine a ruby as being a stone of deep or blood red in colour. However the precise colour of rubies is much more complex and nuanced, with stones available in a range of diverse tones that span intense high fluorescent reds to more complex purple tones. 

Rarity of Diversity of stones 

We keep a beautiful and diverse selection of rubies in a range of tones at Metal Urges. We also have the ability to discuss your preferred colour and will happily  source an extra special piece from reputable mines in Burma or Africa as required.

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