Pink Diamonds

Valuable and rare

Argyle pink diamonds are without doubt the most valuable item on the planet, by weight or volume. With 90% of all pink diamonds sourced by the now closed Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia, the pink diamond is such a rarity, that you could hold the entire inventory of half carat stones mined over a year, in the palm of your hand.

Each Argyle pink diamond, in both colour and clarity, is 100% natural. These incredibly beautiful, unique and rare diamonds are prized possessions for all our clients who include them in a piece – as a feature, an investment or an embellishment.


The History

After 37 years of operations and 865 million carats of rough diamonds, the Argyle mine exhausted its supply and closed in November 2020. Through its extensive contact networks, Metal Urges continues to source and maintain a collection of rare and precious pink and colour diamonds. Please contact us for further information and to discuss availability.