Custom Rings

and Jewellery

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to jewellery.

Every client deserves the piece of their dreams, created specially to last a lifetime.  We are dedicated to high quality one-of-a-kind custom pieces ensuring no two items of Metal Urges jewellery are ever the same.

Our process is utterly unique, as each piece is choreographed from start to finish, upholding our ‘River to Ring’ ethos which sees the birthing gem material sourced by human hands at mine sites around the world. The rough stones are then processed into finished gems before Metal Urges designs a unique and special item, incorporating the gems. into a unique and special jewellery design.

Gem Mining and sourcing

Our gems are all ethically sourced in person by a member of our team. This means a lot of travel and visiting far flung mining sites in source countries. Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Australian gem fields are among the countries we frequent regularly.

We maintain close friendships and a network of contacts among miners and local traders in these locations allowing us to find the very best and most unusual stones for our clients. We also mine and dig for stones by hand ourselves, when it is appropriate and responsible to do so. We have a deep passion and appreciation for the beauty of  gemstones and know at all times who has worked and revealed ours into human hands.

Gem Cutting and Processing

Some stones are sourced as cut stones close to the mining location and others are delivered to us in rough form. In both cases we carefully assess each stone or gem to make sure each piece is cut to maximise and accentuate its  beauty.

Often stones traded close to their source are cut for weight rather than beauty and sparkle, if the material is right but the cutting poor, then the stone can often be brought to life by a quality recut. Recognising the  difference between a well-cut piece and a poorer version is a memorable experience.

Stone Selection and Jewellery Design

Most special jewellery pieces start with the selection of the right stone, a piece that really speaks to the person who will eventually own and wear the piece. When you engage with Metal Urges in this process, we will take you on a journey through an amazing personal collection of gems. 

Maintaining a truly spectacular collection with countless unique gemstones is something we pride ourselves on. Once a stone is selected our design process begins. We listen very carefully to your wants and needs and ask questions while showing examples both online, in-house and through hand drawn sketches. The rough design is created in  a 3D landscape with incredible detailed, accuracy and photo-like images to closely resemble the end result. 

These digital files can  be used to 3D print hard resin models which you can try on and use to ensure 100% satisfaction and love for the design. The whole process is conducted within our Hobart workshop by our talented team of qualified professionals. This allows us to remain completely responsible for the end result.

Creating the Finished Piece

Once design go ahead is received our talented workshop team prepares 18ct gold and platinum ready to begin the manufacturing process. Pieces are created in separate components by multiple team members with each member performing their own specialty task.

At no stage does your piece leave the workshop, with each component produced in house under controlled conditions throughout the process from start to finish. This way we can 100% guarantee the quality of all workmanship.

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