We specialise in creating one of a kind engagement rings inspired by your dreams.

Our sole focus is to make your perfect engagement ring. We listen carefully and combine features you love before carefully guiding you to the next stage of the process. As a result we have created and have experience creating every style of engagement ring.

From timeless style to vintage recreations, or modern to retro classics, we are the jewellers to make your forever ring a reality. 

White Diamond Engagement Rings

Metal Urges offer an unparalleled selection of responsibly sourced white diamond engagement rings. We source diamonds using established international and local suppliers who understand the need for transparency,  social responsibility and ethics. Each diamond is carefully matched to meet  your preference  and budget. All shapes and sizes are available provided the gradings requested meet our stringent minimum requirements. We have never failed to supply the ideal white diamond for a client diamond engagement ring.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Blue sapphire has a hardness of 9 Mohs and is only second to diamond when it comes to durability, making it ideal for use in blue sapphire engagement rings. 

All Metal Urges blue sapphire engagement rings are one of a kind and custom made to order so you can be assured that no two pieces are the same. We maintain one of the largest sapphire collections in Australia with more than 3,000 unique gemstones and 300 shades to select from. Our blues come in every tone and hue of blue from deepest ocean and royal blue to the lightest cornflower blues. 

We personally and responsibly source our stones from mining locations globally selecting  blue sapphires from mainland Australia, Tasmania, Sri Lanka, Africa and Montana in the USA. Our natural blue sapphire engagement rings are a gorgeous way to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Throughout history no gem stone has been held in higher regard than the ruby. As a red variety of Corundum (sapphire), rRuby has all the same hardness and durability of sapphire and is perfect for use in creating a statement, birth stone or ruby engagement ring.

Traditionally sourced from Burma (Mayanmar), Sri Lanka and Thailand, fine quality new deposits have recently been unearthed in Mozambique and Madagascar. Rubies come in a range of colours from intense high fluorescent reds to more complex purple tones.

Each of our ruby engagement rings is custom made to order using one of our stones or perhaps a heirloom gem, allowing you to wear and enjoy the exact ring of your dreams.

Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire is found in every colour notjust traditional blue. A purple sapphire is something beautiful and exotic, with all Metal Urges purple sapphire engagement rings custom made to order using a rare and unique stone as the centerpiece.

Purple comes in a million shades and every person has a unique preference and idea of their perfect shade. To account for this we maintain one of the largest collections of purple sapphires in Australia with a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes. When viewing our collection you can expect purple sapphires to range in colour from deep midnight tones to ethereal lilacs and playful lavender hues. 

Responsible sourcing of gemstones is something we take very seriously and we make it a priority to visit the mining areas around the world regularly to ensure quality and conditions are maintained to our high standards.

Parti or Bi Colour Engagement Rings

Parti, bicolour and polychrome are all gem terms for one of the most delightful and otherworldly things you will see. A stone is parti (with an i not a y) when it clearly displays two separate or slightly mixed colours.

No two parti sapphires are the same, making this variety of sapphire one of the most unique and unusual options. A parti colour sapphire engagement ring is the mark of a true individual and lover of fine rare gems.

Our collection contains some amazing parti sapphires sourced responsibly from across the world’s most reputable gem mines.. Please inquire about our significant and impressive  investment pieces, which we carry for serious collectors.

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