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Under-appreciated, highly valued

Purple sapphires often fly under the radar and are far more rare than initially recognised. What makes them particularly special is they do not need to be heat treated to obtain their best colour and many naturally change colour in different lighting.

Purple sapphires are like their blue and green counterparts a member of the corundum group and are known for their durability and hardiness, with only diamond and moissanite gems rated as harder. This means purple sapphires don’t require additional care and will retain their optimal beauty throughout the years.

Purple sapphire symbolism

Purple sapphires are considered to bring wisdom of spiritual awakening. Purple is associated with a sense of calm and focus for the mind. Those who enjoy studying human nature such as philosophers and artists are often drawn to purple sapphires while throughout history, it’s a stone associated with opulence, nobility, class and mystery.


Sourcing purple sapphires

Chris spends a significant amount of time travelling the globe to some of the most remote and often precarious locations to source his sapphires.

Most of his purple sapphire range comes from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, where he’s been able to find an array of colours from gorgeous light purples through to deep, darker tones.

In Tanzania and in some other locations, Chris has found purple stones that shine beautifully red in firelight, yet transform in the daylight to a green/blue hue. These colour changes are highly sought after and Chris is particularly passionate about hunting down purples that change from intense red purple to blue purple.

Master Jeweller Chris

Ethically sourced

On every trip, Chris is mindful of working ethically when sourcing purple sapphires. He is committed to leaving every local community a little better off – Metal Urges’ appreciation is shown through donating to education, working closely with locals and injecting funds directly into the local mining communities.

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