Mourning Rings

and Jewellery

Including the ashes or hair of a loved one in your jewellery is a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone or a pet you have lost.

We have designed dozens of custom memorial pieces over the years and take pride in creating a one-off piece of jewellery that honours their life through the beauty of jewellery.

The process

We listen carefully to your desires and taste to understand the relationship and personality before designing the perfect tribute piece. We provide advice as to how and where ashes or a lock of hair are best placed into the jewellery to ensure a long lasting preservation.

The ceremony

Once the piece is close to completion we invite clients  to visit and bring along what you would like placed inside the jewellery or ring. The process of placing and sealing the jewellery is a wonderful tribute and we welcome you to be involved and witness this special process from start to finish.

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