Mourning Rings

and Jewellery

Including the ashes or hair of a loved one in your jewellery is a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone or a pet you have lost.

Metal Urges Memorial Jewellery 

Metal Urges is proud to produce a handmade range of made to order memorial jewellery to contain and preserve the ashes or of your loved one. The Metal Urges team will work closely with you to create something unique and bespoke to last a lifetime. We are known for our careful and respectful approach to this special kind of jewellery design and we aim to make pieces that are stunning to wear as well as extremely functional.

Each piece is created in our central Hobart workshop using the finest quality materials including 18ct golds, platinum titanium and Zirconium. Central to each memorial piece is the addition of a small hollow space within the jewellery into which we place your loved ones ashes where they can remain close to you while you wear the jewellery item. Larger items such as pendants can contain significant quantities of ashes while for items such as rings small quantities are used. 

Jewellery items containing ashes are generally sealed permanently using a laser welding technique. At Metal Urges we invite you into a private space within our workshop to be present for the ceremonial process of sealing your memorial jewellery. Alternatively we offer a discreet photo or video service capturing  the process if you would rather we perform the process alone, on your behalf.

The Metal Urges team understands that every expression of grief and loss is unique to the individual experiencing it. Our process is highly tailored, never rushed and allows you to take the time you need to work through the process of creating the perfect  memorial piece for you.

Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss any questions you have about the process of creating a memorial jewellery item. If you are not able to visit us in person in Hobart, Tasmania we are happy to work with you via online video conferencing or email.

We have designed dozens of custom memorial pieces over the years and take pride in creating a one-off piece of jewellery that honours their life through the beauty of jewellery.

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