Metal Urges has a unique process when it comes to fine jewellery production. Every piece we make is different from the last and unique for the individual client we have crafted it for. This is great for the client and very satisfying for the Metal Urges team. It does however lead to some interesting questions on price and budget.

Below we have listed a few quick points to consider through the process:

  • Every piece we make is unique and priced individually depending on the costs involved.
  • Most of the pieces pictured on our website and other online areas are already sold and being worn by our happy clients. Out of respect for privacy we choose not to mention price online.
  • We are open and honest about our work and price structure, we aim to make you feel comfortable and able to ask any questions you feel you need to regarding price or anything else.
  • We get a large quantity of online price enquiries which we aim to respond to efficiently and openly. Due to the unique nature and individual pricing of work, it is fantastic if you can let us know an idea of the budget you are considering. This allows us to best respond to your request with information on stones we have that might suit your needs.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable discussing your budget in the early stages, that is fine as well—we will work with you until you are comfortable and ready.

Something really awesome and available to our Australian clientele only is the ‘COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme’—interest-free and fee-free loans for 12 months. Simply a fantastic way to spread out the cost of a large (or small) jewellery purchase. Read more about this scheme.