Pink Argyle Australian diamond earrings

Australian Argyle pink diamonds such as the centrepieces of these stunning earrings are a scarcity. Examples this large and vividly coloured with high clarity are so rare as to make them unique. Matched pairs of pink Argyle diamonds like these are highly collectable because of high demand world wide and only occasional pink diamonds being unearthed at Australia’s Argyle diamond mine. The P3 colour graded stones are cut in the round brilliant style to maximise the colour, scintillation and fire while maintaining the generous size of the pink diamonds. The Australian Argyle diamonds are hand set in a bespoke 18ct rose, white gold and white diamond surround made to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, combining to make exquisite earrings of superlative opulence. These designer earrings are available for a personal viewing at our Hobart, Tasmania, Australia store.