Green sapphires

Here at Metal Urges sapphires are our passion. We deal with only the best quality natural untreated sapphires. Green is one of our most popular sapphire colours. When Metal Urges handcrafts your jewellery, you are creating more than just jewellery, you are creating a family heirloom. All of our pieces are custom made with the highest quality materials, they will last one hundred years! Our vast green sapphire range is filled with vivid and saturated hues. This unique and valuable gemstone is perfect for any occasion, be it engagement or eternity rings, necklace pendants and earrings. Our passion is to create pieces for our customers that will take their breath away.

Natural and untreated green sapphire is rapidly gaining popularity due to it’s unique look and vivid hues that cannot be matched. The main mining areas for green sapphire are Australia, Ceylon, Burma, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, USA and China. Majority of the time characteristics of an individual green sapphire can be identified and traced back to its country of origin.

Sapphire belongs to the corundum aluminium oxide mineral group. It it’s purest form, corundum is colourless, however the majority of corundum contains chemical impurities known as trace elements. These ‘impurities’ are actually a really good thing! Without them, we would not have such an amazing range of sapphire colours. Green sapphires are created from the presence of iron trace elements.

At Metal Urges, Chris our Director personally sources and hand selects every green sapphire we work with. This means Chris travels to all the corners of the world to find perfection! All of our sapphires are ethically sources, with Chris supporting the local communities he visits, working with the locals especially those less fortunate and with fewer opportunities that we do. Donations to schools and education are priority to us, as well as contributing to the local economy.