Diamond clarity grade

Natural diamonds have small imperfections known as inclusions - the fewer the inclusions, the higher the clarity grade. By definition any diamond graded SI1 orhigher does not have any inclusions visible to the naked eye. Metal Urges is happy to supply diamonds with clarity SI1 and higher. The most common request we receive from Tasmanian diamond clients in Hobart and an all over the island is for eye clean diamonds of SI1 or better. In the crisp clean light of Tasmania it is especially important to only use eye clean diamonds to make a diamond engagement ring that will give a lifetime of pleasure!

  1. Flawless, internally flawless
    flawless, internally flawless
  2. Very, very small inclusions
    very, very small inclusions
  3. Very small inclusions
    very small inclusions
  4. Slight inclusions
    slight inclusions
  5. Inclusions visible to the naked eye
    inclusions visible to the naked eye

Above is a simplified image showing the clarity grading system of diamonds as used in the GIA diamond certificate process. On the far left are the very cleanest and purest diamonds with gradings of Fl and IF, diamonds at this high end of the clarity spectrum are extremely rare and expensive. Moving right the clarity grading decrease in quality however it is not until the grading of SI2 is reached that diamonds lose their ‘eye clean’ clarity. The term ‘eye clean’ is a trade term used to describe what the human eye can see under normal everyday conditions. Metal Urges are happy to supply diamonds of SI1 and higher clarity grading only as these stones are ‘eye clean’ and have no visible inclusions when viewed under normal conditions. Similar to the system we have developed for diamond colour we recommend going a little higher in clarity on larger diamonds over 0.75ct in weight. A grading of VS2 is the best value for money in larger diamonds. Under 0.75ct a diamond clarity grading of SI1 is our suggested best clarity to achieve great value.