Tasmanian mokume gane jewellery

It often comes as a surprise when a mokume gane collector discovers that this rare and complicated process is being produced by a jeweller in Hobart, Tasmania. Mokume gane originated in Japan during the 17th Century and was used in highly prized works of art, armor components and edged weapons. At Metal Urges we find that the Tasmanian jewellery market is very accepting of the unique design feel of mokume gane and we produce exclusive jewellery designs and diamond rings using mokume gane regularly. The obvious links between Tasmanian forests and the beautiful wood grain patterns found in mokume gane inspires the design process.

What is Mokume Gane?

Mokume gane is the process whereby metal layers of different colours are bonded together to form a metal with a unique wood grain like pattern. Originally Japanese sword smiths developed the material to combine the sharp edged properties of one metal with the flexibility of another. The resultant blades are still revered. Today Mokume Gane jewellery is popular in countries all over the world but it still takes an expert to create the finest blends of colored metals with flat seamless bonding. The process requires the jeweller to remove all impurities while working in a chemically purified atmosphere free of oxygen. The Metal Urges process of mokume gane is a carefully guarded process that has been painstakingly developed with custom made tools and a state of the art inert gas induction furnace.

A Unique Mokume Gane Engagement Ring

Each mokume gane ring is unique but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a say in which direction you want your engagement ring design to go. While we don’t have exact control of the organic patterns found in mokume gane we can certainly make broad pattern choices. As the only Tasmanian mokume gane jewellery workshop we are proud to offer a small range of finished rings along with our custom made service for all your mokume gane engagement ring needs.

How To Care For Your Mokume-Gane Jewellery

As with all high value jewellery items it is very important to take care of the mokume gane jewellry. The metals that make up your diamond engagement ring have been selected for their strength on durability. To further each piece lifespan we recommend removing your mokume gane rings when undertaking any sort of high impact activity that may scratch or impact your ring extensively. The main offenders are the gym, gardening and outdoor sports. If this happens to you, usually our jewellers will be able to correct it. A well made mokume gane engagement ring or any well made ring for will under go maintenance or repair better than mass produced jewellery. Unlike most surface patterning mokume gane runs right through the metal which means the pattern cannot be rubbed or worn off with normal wear.

Find Your Engagement Ring

We offer a great range of locally made, Tasmanian mokume gane jewellery. It’s a unique beautiful material and process. Metal Urges offers passionate, local and skilled jewellers creating Tasmanian made engagement rings and jewellery for all your jewellery requirements. An experienced mokume gane jeweller like Metals Urges will not only know how to create your engagement ring, will also offer help in maintaining it right through its long lifespan.

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