Mokume Gane vs Damascus steel

Many of our clients come in with a good idea of the gemstone they would like for their ring, however they have less of an idea as to the ring designs available. While there is no denying that the gemstone is often the main focus of a ring you will find a huge number of interesting options and designs at Metal Urges. If you are looking for a ring that will stand out you may consider mokume gane or damascus steel as an option. Both metals can make stunning ring designs but it is important to understand the differences between these two unusual jewellery techniques.

Mokume Gane Jewellery

Mokume gane jewellery is created by layering and bonding metals of different colors. A mokume gane ring can include gold, silver, copper and platinum. At Metal Urges we continue to work on our process and our jewellers are capable of incredible wood grain as well as other patterns. Mokume gane rings are generally one off piece as pattern replication is near impossible. The high quality metals used in mokume gane at Metal Urges also tend to make mokume gane a little more expensive than standard gold and platinum alloys.

Damascus Steel Jewellery

Damascus steel jewellery is often mentioned together with the mokume gane design since it also comes with a layered and bonded pattern. As the name implies, damascus steel rings are of steel construction and are not as costly to produce as mokume gane. They are made by layering steel shades of silver and gray and heat bonding in an oxygen free environment. Even if the ingredients are cheaper, there is still a lot of artistry involved in making a damascus steel ring. The big negatives with damascus steel rings are the way the metals involved react with oxygen (rust) and the difficulty resizing existing rings. Metal Urges does not recommend damascus steel jewellery for these reasons.

Metals For Diamond Rings

Mokume gane can be used to create unique rings. At Metal Urges we believe that mokume gane rings are a much better long term option than damascus steel when used in conjunction with diamond settings. The non reactive metals used in mokume gane out perform steel options while also being easier to clean and maintain. The patterns and price of damascus steel diamond rings can be attractive but the long term problems and maintenance associated with steel is a big turn off. Therefore Metal Urges focuses solely on precious metals for our diamond ring designs, so do not offer damascus steel diamond rings.

Innovative and Colourful Jewellery For Every Budget

It is a great challenge for a jeweller to create a mokume gane or a damascus steel diamond ring. Controlling the materials and design to create beautiful art jewellery is a huge skill to be mastered. It begins with carefully matching the individual gem with the budget and desires of the client. Metal Urges in Hobart, Tasmania, have developed their own unique processes to strike a balance that works. The results are diamond rings that combine the elegance of the gem with the innovation and beauty of a unique patterned mokume gane band.

With longevity and intrinsic value in mind, a mokume gane diamond ring represents be a better choice over damascus steel. With careful consultation and design it is possible to create a mokume gane ring for most tastes and budgets. Metal Urges takes great pride in every piece produced in the workshop.

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