About us

Metal Urges Fine Jewellery and Diamonds is the realisation of a dream for Tasmanian master jeweller Chris Hood. From an early age Chris set out with the aim develop his skills as a jeweller to the highest possible levels and to open his very own diamond jewellery business in Hobart, Tasmania.

Metal Urges is completely unique in its style and methods in this world of mass produced and heavily branded Jewellery, Chris has decided to go in the opposite direction. The team of jewellers at Metal Urges Hobart Tasmania work tirelessly on every piece of diamond jewellery to hand make the the very finest quality. Excellent customer service before, during and after each jewellery commission is an essential part of the Metal Urges experience. Our simple marketing strategy is to grow organically through word of mouth recommendations from our loyal base of fine diamond jewellery clients.

We aim to hand-make the best fine jewellery in Hobart, Tasmania and right across Australia.

The Metal Urges boutique

Chris Hood takes great pride in working closely with and listening carefully to each individual client needs and desires. This style of service means every client is closely involved and has the chance to make a great connection with the jewellery items right through the process. The close proximity of design and workshop space at Metal Urges allows easy communication within the business, with clients often able to view exciting stages during the production of their jewellery.

Metal Urges produces all kinds of fine handmade jewellery, but specialises in the manufacture of platinum and 18ct white gold diamond engagement rings. Our diamonds are sourced globally from a number of high quality diamond wholesale and diamond cutting connections. Chris goes to great lengths to offer only the most beautiful diamonds and spends much of his time sorting carefully through parcels to select GIA certified diamonds of Excellent Cut, Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry. Metal Urges offer the largest range of finely cut white diamonds in Hobart and Tasmania.

Metal Urges jewellery workshop

Chris travels several times a year in search of the unique, high quality gems for which Metal Urges is renowned.

“Gems are a predominantly a visual event you cannot buy gems from a photo, you need to see and handle them. A stone has to communicate with you; you need to fall in love with it. All our gems have that extra something special.”

Chris Hood