Jewellery and gemstone valuations

The jewellery valuers at Metal Urges Fine Jewellery are certified by the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) and proud to offer a valuation service for your jewellery. As a highly qualified team of gemmologists, diamond graders and jewellers it is our commitment to offer you an open, honest and transparent service with the highest ethical standards.

With almost 100years of combined experience the Metal Urges team is perfectly positioned to offer you the finest quality jewellery valuations here in Hobart, Tasmania. We are jewellery specialists and highly skilled in valuing all jewellery items ranging from loose gemstones, pearls, sapphires, rubies and all your special diamond pieces!

Jewellery valuations at Metal Urges - Chris Hood and the team

What is a valuation?

A valuation certificate is a document that describes an item of jewellery in detail and states the value of the piece. When you request a jewellery valuation with Metal Urges in Hobart, you will receive a full printed valuation with photograph of your item. Metal Urges keep both a hardcopy and digital back-up of the valuation for your peace of mind, and in accordance with NCJV guidelines. Metal Urges offers several different kinds of jewellery valuations including retail replacement valuations for insurance cover and current market value valuations for sale of second hand items. Metal Urges also specialises in assisting with estate jewellery valuations and can advise how best to deal with jewellery in the event of the death of a family member.

Why is valuation necessary?

Consumers request valuation certificates for a variety of reasons, but often they are required for insurance purposes. By securing a certificate, insurance claims can be expedited and correct compensation can be sought. Many insurance companies accept premiums without ascertaining whether an item has been correctly identified via a high quality jewellery valuation produced by a qualified industry expert. It isn’t until the item is lost or destroyed that they require proof of ownership in the form of a jewellery valuation.

What does a valuation provide?

Depending on your needs, jewellery valuations offer a current replacement value and proof of your ownership. Valuations can aid in identifying your jewellery in the case of theft or loss and can also verify facts presented by the original seller. Whether you are seeking accurate grading of diamonds, or a valuation of your precious gemstone ring, the Metal Urges team can help.

Gemstone valuation

Our Hobart team specialises in gemstone valuation, but are equipped to value any piece of jewellery you request. When it comes to valuing gemstones, correct identification is paramount. This includes whether the gemstone is natural, synthetic or artificially treated as well as the colour and quality of the gemstone itself.

At Metal Urges we have laboratory testing equipment used to scientifically analyse precious and semi-precious gems. With over 15 years experience in valuing, we also have a sound understanding of antique and period pieces and jewellery manufacturing techniques. Therefore, you can have confidence in our jewellers’ expertise in the valuation process.

Gemstones may be treated in some way to enhance the colour or transparency. These treatments are generally accepted in the jewellery industry worldwide, however they need to be identified as they can affect the value. These enhancements may include heat treatment, fracture filling and surface filling, beryllium diffused rubies and sapphires, irradiation, coating, dyeing and oiling etc. New treatments are constantly being developed as well as new technology and new scientific methods to detect them.

What does it cost?

The cost of a valuation is dependent on the item. On certain items Metal Urges offer a same day service at no additional cost.

Solitaire diamond ring or other simple valuation $120
Complex multi-stone rings or other complex jewellery items $150