Fancy and coloured sapphires

My name is Chris Hood and I have a confession to make… I love sapphire! Without a doubt my current and lifelong passion… sapphire is my rock, passion and thing of choice to be around! Sapphire is hard and easily durable enough to be used in sapphire engagement rings or any other piece destined to become a treasured family heirloom! Picture any colour in the rainbow or your favourite colour and there is a sapphire of the same hue. Some colours are rarer and more valuable than others! The rarer the better is our policy at Metal Urges… in fact we regularly source completely one of a kind unique stones solely because we know we will never have the opportunity or pleasure to work with them again! Sapphire is a great way for you to own a jewellery item that no one else on the planet can copy or match… we can’t wait to show you our huge sapphire collection!