Diamond information, 4Cs of diamonds

As Hobart and Tasmania’s leading diamond jewellery boutique, Metal Urges is very proud to only supply diamonds of the highest quality available. We consider this an obvious choice considering the strong word of mouth support we receive (see our testimonials and Facebook page for what people are saying). If our diamonds are not the most beautiful on the fingers of Tasmanian clients how can we expect to maintain their support?

With wide reaching international sourcing of diamonds and other gemstones, Metal Urges will most likely have the perfect stone to suit you.

Browse our jewellery collections featuring diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewellery, or read more information about diamonds themselves, below.

Diamond shape

Diamonds come in an amazing range of styles, shapes and cuts. At Metal Urges we aim to give every client great information on all the possibilities and ultimately exactly what they desire. Carrying a wide range of diamond cuts, and also passionate about sourcing the more exotic options on request, you will find us always willing and ready for a challenge. Read more

Diamond carat weight

Diamonds are priced, bought and sold on their carat weight. A one carat diamond weighs exactly 0.20 grams… so there are five carats to a gram. Read more

Diamond colour grade

White diamond is graded for colour using two main methods. The first is comparison with stones of known colour and the second is similar but uses hi tech calibrated digital systems. Read more

Diamond clarity grade

Natural diamonds have small imperfections known as inclusions: the fewer the inclusions, the higher the clarity grade. Read more

Diamond cut

The cut of a diamond dictates how well it reflects light and is the most important factor when it comes to a diamonds overall beauty! Even a diamond of top colour and clarity is ugly and dull if the cut is not also excellent. Diamonds are complex prisms designed to reflect and disperse light to generate sparkle, life and beauty. Read more

Pink diamonds

Argyle pink diamonds are the most valuable item on the planet, by weight or volume. With 90% of all pink diamonds coming from the Argyle mine in West Australia, the pink diamond is so rare that the palm of your hand could hold its entire inventory of stones, over half a carat, from a year’s worth of mining. Read more