Diamond shape

Diamonds come in an amazing range of styles, shapes and cuts. At Metal Urges we aim to give every client valuable information on all the possibilities available, leading ultimately to exactly what they desire. Metal Urges carries a wide range of diamond cuts, we are also passionate about sourcing the more exotic cuts on request. You will always find us willing and ready for a challenge. If you are unsure of what shape you like it’s a great idea to come in to the workshop and view our beautiful range of GIA certified diamonds.

The most popular shape for diamonds is the Round Brilliant Cut. The main reason for this is that round brilliant cut diamonds consistently out perform other cuts with their beautiful sparkle and scintillation. Closely following the round brilliant cut diamond in popularity are Princess Cut Diamonds, which can also be referred to as Modified Square Brilliant Cut Diamonds or Square Cut Diamonds. Princess Cut diamonds are generally slightly less expensive than Round Brilliant Cut diamonds as cutting them requires less to be removed from the rough diamond.

  • Diamond cut - Brilliant
    Brilliant Cut
  • Diamond cut - Princess
    Princess Cut
  • Diamond cut - Emerald
    Emerald Cut
  • Diamond cut - Oval
    Oval Cut
  • Diamond cut - Square radiant
    Square Radiant Cut
  • Diamond cut - Pear
    Pear Cut
  • Diamond cut - Emerald cut radiant
    Emerald Cut Radiant
  • Diamond cut - Marquise
    Marquise Cut
  • Diamond cut - Square emerald
    Square Emerald Cut

Over the years at Metal Urges we have noticed that people who buy fancy shaped diamonds—shapes other than round and squares—usually know what shape they want their diamond to be. Emerald Cut lovers come in requesting Emerald Cut and Oval Cut admirers come in requesting Oval Cut and so on. If however, you are unsure or haven’t put much thought in to the shape of the diamond you want, chances are you are a Round Brilliant Cut buyer. The amazing thing about Round Brilliant Cut diamonds is that if the diamond has a GIA certificate this will tell you the diamonds cut grading. When buying fancy shape diamonds other than round brilliant cut the GIA certificate will not give an indication of how well cut a diamond is. Due to this fact it is absolutely necessary to inspect all fancy shaped diamonds before a committing to buy. Metal Urges take all the risk out of selecting a fancy shaped diamond as we run 100% obligation free viewing of all diamonds large or small in any shape.