Argyle pink diamonds

Metal Urges is proud to offer a wide range of Australian mined and sourced Argyle pink diamonds, champagne diamonds, cognac diamonds and blue diamonds. The Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia produces a staggering quantity of diamond. In fact it has made Australia the largest diamond producing country annually on several different occasions. The gem quality diamonds mined at the argyle diamond mine are predominantly champagne and cognac in colour, much smaller quantities of white diamond, yellow diamond and blue diamond are also recovered.

The Argyle pink diamond is considered the most valuable substance on the planet by either weight or volume, perfect for the ultimate jewellery gift for a loved one. This rare Argyle pink diamond makes up a tiny percentage of the overall material recovered and will soon be unavailable all together. Champagne and cognac diamonds, as the name suggests, come in a range of beautiful warm colours and make stunning engagement and dress jewellery.